16 Ways to Say “The”

So, learning German is hard. Have you heard that before? Well I am here to tell you, it is in fact damn hard. It’s so hard, the Germans actually have a saying for it: “Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache”, which word-for-word translated is “German language, difficult language”. See what I mean? Even Germans think German is hard! I’m … More 16 Ways to Say “The”

My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish

The Weihnachtsmann is coming to town, did you know that?  That’s what my (just turned) 4-year-old told me the other day.  Well, sang to me.  After I explained to him that Christmas is over and Santa Claus isn’t coming for 11 more months, a thought hit me (while he continued singing Christmas songs anyway).  I taught him … More My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish