Mailmen Cause Identity Theft (Green Card Update #3)

My wife’s VISA is here already!  It actually got here on Friday, but I haven’t had the time to post an update.  Two days is pretty fast though, especially when they said a week or two.  That being said I do have a f aux pah of epic proportions to report.  It is something that … More Mailmen Cause Identity Theft (Green Card Update #3)

Things a Germerican Kid Says #5

Today, while my son was talking to my wife, I asked him to repeat what he said.  Nothing.  Ask again.  Still nothing.  When I make sure I get his attention and that he is listening, it went like this: Me:  “Hey you, tell me what you said to Mama” Him:  “But Daddy, I’m sprechen German!”   *Sprechen=Talking (to)

Green Card Update!

We are almost done!  After deciphering the pages and pages of utterly confusing forms and corresponding directions, and still getting it wrong, we have received the notification for my wife’s appointment at the Frankfurt Consulate. I was beginning to think this day was never going to get here!  I don’t think I have ever applied … More Green Card Update!

16 Ways to Say “The”

So, learning German is hard. Have you heard that before? Well I am here to tell you, it is in fact damn hard. It’s so hard, the Germans actually have a saying for it: “Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache”, which word-for-word translated is “German language, difficult language”. See what I mean? Even Germans think German is hard! I’m … More 16 Ways to Say “The”

My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish

The Weihnachtsmann is coming to town, did you know that?  That’s what my (just turned) 4-year-old told me the other day.  Well, sang to me.  After I explained to him that Christmas is over and Santa Claus isn’t coming for 11 more months, a thought hit me (while he continued singing Christmas songs anyway).  I taught him … More My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish