Wo Bin Ich?

Maasdamer cheese, Schwartzwälder Schinken, Brötchen, cup of coffee, and a German crossword puzzle……….pretty difficult to tell where I am right now, right? That’s right, we are back in Germany for another visit. Life is rough, I know. Life has been pretty busy though, and that’s why you haven’t heard much from us in a while. … More Wo Bin Ich?

German Sex PSAs Pt II —(Things You Don’t See in America #10)

The sticky note sex Public Service announcements I wrote about earlier this year were funny. Something that further exemplifies the difference American and German comfort levels with sex are the billboards I found all over Trier on our visit in August. These frank and straightforward advertisements are indicative of both typical German personality traits as … More German Sex PSAs Pt II —(Things You Don’t See in America #10)

Back in Boise

Well, we’ve been back in Boise for a little over two weeks now and as always it is a dual edge sword that cuts both ways. Whether you are on vacation or visiting family it is always nice to come home. That has absolutely nothing to do with location though, it’s just about having your … More Back in Boise