Brand new post, for a brand new blogger

So, I decided to write a blog.  Maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t.  Maybe I will get bored with it in a month.  Who knows.  Here is what I do know.

My wife is German, I am American, and we are raising a bilingual child.  This is by far the coolest thing I have done in my life.  And I have done some cool stuff!  Like my wife said, we have started a multinational family that could carry on (hopefully) a bilingual tradition for years to come.  That is incredibly cool.

I also know that bilingual and multinational families face challenges that most people would probably never think of.  How do we celebrate Christmas?  Do we combine birthday and other traditions, or pick one?  Should I correct my son when he speaks in my non-native language incorrectly?

The coolness, the challenges, and the many experiences unique to bilingual and multinational families is why I decided to start a blog.  Maybe somebody will laugh, maybe somebody will identify with us, maybe somebody will be helped, you never know.

So, here goes.  My first post, on my first blog.  Ever.  Holy crap.

Tell me what you think

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