Snow Day, the Sequal!

For about 5 minutes I actually thought spring was here.  More than a week it was warm and sunny.  The birds were chirping, I got two different bike rides in, and was planning our first family hike.  I had told my wife not to trust it.  Winter is like the dying villain in a predictable movie.  Just when you are supposed to think he is dead, HE JUMPS UP for one last scare.  But nonetheless, I actually started to believe that winter was dead.  It was just way too nice outside for winter to take one last gasp.  Then, just when it had lulled me into a false sense of security, I wake up Tuesday morning and BAM!  Snow, snow, everywhere snow!  The villain had in fact taken one last gasp after all.

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Alas, all is not lost. The villain did bring a gift. Snow day, the Sequel! Years without a snow day, and now I get two this year. Those that read Snow Day (the original) know that the last time I was given a whole day off, I got incredibly ambitious and decided it would be a good idea to shovel the whole damn street. So naturally, it would only make sense to shovel the whole street again this time right? Well, to quote Inglorious Bastards:


Not this time my friend! This time I was lazy. This time I said “To hell with it!” and I sat around and did nothing. All day. Well, almost all day. There was the small matter of the German law and how it relates to all that snow in my driveway. For those that don’t know, you see, the law in Germany says that you must clear any area of your property that strangers may need to walk on. Even worse, it says you’re supposed to do it by something like 7 o’clock in the morning. So yeah, I was already breaking the law. Technically. But nobody came to our house all day, not even the mailman. Therefore, in my rationalization anyway, I had not actually broken the law yet. Either way, at about 5 o’clock I put on my 20 layers of clothes and drug my incredibly unmotivated butt outside to shovel. And what did I see when I got outside? What did I think I would never see?


My neighbor shoveled the street. The whole damn street! He actually paid me back for my insane idea to shovel the whole damn street. I hadn’t thought bad of him or anything, but I definitely didn’t think (or expect) that he would ever repay me. And that is exactly what made it such a relief to see, especially after I got my driveway done. The day I shoveled the street was nice and sunny, and the snow was light. But that day was windy, snowing, and miserable, and the snow was heavy. I am not sorry that I got the better end of that deal.

So here I sit, almost a week later, watching and waiting. Watching the villain die a slow, painful death. And waiting patiently to see if he will stay dead this time.

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