I am a slacker!

So, I just realized I haven’t posted to my blog in over a month.  I am such an incredible slacker.  If this blog was a house plant, it would be dead by now!  If it was a pet, the Humane Society would have confiscated it!!  If it was my wife…..wait…..luckily I didn’t ignore her for a month.  That would have probably been ugly!  You get the point.  I have an excuse though, I honestly do.  And it is a good one.  So here it is.

(Phot Credit: zazzle.com.au)
(Photo Credit: zazzle.com.au)

I was busy.

That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just life being life, I had a ton of stuff to do.  Throw a vacation and the first good mountain biking weather of the year on top of it and, there you go.  Over a month without blogging.  In my defense though, I do have a bunch of half-finished posts!  That’s got to count for something, right?  If you feel neglected as a reader, however, then I guess I won’t blame you if you move on to someone less negligent.  I would humbly request that you stay though.  I can’t really afford to lose any of the 23 of you!  Well, 24 if you count my mom, but she still hasn’t found the “Follow” button.

For those who stay, you will be rewarded!  You will be shortly bombarded with a barrage of posts that will both astound and amaze!  The “Shock and Awe” of blogging if you will.  You will be so utterly impressed that you will immediately feel the urgent need to go out and get me 10 more followers each!  Or, to be a little more realistic, I will finish a bunch of posts (theoretically in chronological order) and you will hopefully get a few chuckles out of my randomness.

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