6 thoughts on “Things a Germerican Kid Says #4

  1. My husband was raised in America but by German immigrant parents who spoke German at home. They switched completely to English when my husband started school because the teachers reported that he didn’t know the difference between English and German words. I think it’s kind of unfortunate that they stopped speaking German because his younger siblings hardly know any.

  2. that’s funny 🙂 One of my American 5th grade students kept saying “Ich bin so heiß” – I am so hot – which makes sense in English. The German meaning translates more into I am hot like steamy (sexy) though. Haha she was an adorable girl!

  3. Oh my kids constantly do the same!!! I do not want them to forget their mother tongue so I pretend not to understand German words and keep asking them until they tell me the full sentence in one of the languages 😉

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