Things You Don’t See in America #4

Here is a billboard in Trier, Germany for Sunpoint tanning salon.

Notice the conveniently placed hair! (Photo Credit: Germerican Denglish)
Notice the conveniently placed hair! (Photo Credit: Germerican Denglish)

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure the pitchforks and torches would come out for the protests this billboard would cause.  I mean, if the producers of The Client List toned down their advertising campaign (article) because too many people were offended by this billboard with Jennifer Love Hewitt…..

(Photo source:
Too much cleavage for some Americans! (Photo source:

then I am pretty sure the owners of Sunpoint would be burned at the stake!

10 thoughts on “Things You Don’t See in America #4

      1. The Corrs used to stop traffic when they walked around Dublin – the sisters, not Jim 😉 I can only imagine what naked people on a billboard would do!

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