USA Wins! USA Wins! USA Wins!


Tim Howard (Photo Credit: US Soccer)

There has been lots of talk, lots of criticism, and lots of speculation.  But now the first game is over, and we can all sleep easy in the notion that the US beat Ghana and grabbed 3 very valuable points! Thank goodness too, because I was tired of hearing all of the talking heads who think Jürgen Klinsmann is the wrong man for the job, and that he should have taken Landon Donovan to the World Cup. It is no surprise that Germerican Denglish stands behind Jürgen Klinsmann 100%, I mean for us there is no better possible situation than a German coaching the US team.  I just can’t believe how many Americans think they are experts on soccer all of a sudden, when most don’t have a basic understanding of soccer strategy and rules.  But that’s all for another post, right now we are celebrating the US beating Ghana! So in the long and storied (cough) tradition that is Germerican Denglish World Cup coverage, here are some pictures for you…..

The first goal came in the first 30 seconds.  That’s right, I said 30 seconds!  Clint Dempsey not has the record for the fastest ever World Cup goal by an American.

Clint Dempsey, after scoring the fastest goal in USMNT World Cup history (Photo Credit:

After that the Americans held tight on defense for most of the game until Ghana finally scored a goal in the 82nd minute.  But not 4 minutes later, the US scored again!  Also a record by the way, since it was the first World Cup goal ever scored by a US Substitute.  But what’s even better, is that the winning goal was scored by Germerican player John Brooks, Jr.!

John Brooks, Jr after scoring the winning goal against Ghana and his first ever World Cup goal (Photo Credit:

Brooks’ mom is German, and his dad is American.  Sound familiar?  Well we are bursting with pride around here that a Germerican won the game!

We didn’t get Obama to the game, but I guess Joe Biden will do.  Do you thing he gets soccer, or just showed up out of obligation? Either way, it is a good sign that the White House deems soccer important enough that somebody went to the game!

Joe Biden with the USMNT (Photo Credit:

Here is a funny comment about fair-weather fans:


But here is proof that there are die hard US Soccer fans!


Now we wait for Portugal on Sunday.  Cross your fingers that everyone is healthy, and see if we can get a second victory.

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