I’m Baaaaaaaaack

Hey.  How’s it going?  Remember me?  Yeah, probably not.  That’s ok though, it has been a looooong time.  Longer than I expected, that’s for sure.  I had no idea how busy settling into and remodeling a new house would be.  If I told you that was the only reason I haven’t been around, well that would just be a lie.  But but but, the important thing is this…….



How many times can I say I am back and it still be believable?  I am not sure.  Actually, I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have said that, not without looking anyway.  Buuuuut, I think I really am back this time so I sure hope you believe me, and stick around.  This would be pretty pointless without an audience after all.  So if you’re still here, let’s get this party started……again.

For today I thought I would fill you in a little on the whys,whats, and wheres.  After all, you already know the whos and the hows.

Why……..why did I take such a long break from blogging?  Well, like I said, we were busy settling into and remodeling the new house.  But I’m not going to lie, there were other reasons.  Just none concrete enough to put my finger on.  I mean, we were reeeeaaaaally busy with the house.  Probably more than I realize.  It is always possible that I may have lost the lust for wordsmithing for a while.  And there was that minor Call of Duty online addiction, but that has been dealt with.  Moving on!

What……..what has happened with us since we left Germany?  I won’t go into too much detail here (or I would use up a lot of my ideas for posts), but here are the highlights.  Moving, new job, new town, monster trucks, yard work, build a wall, yard work, painting, World Cup, yard work, wife’s first fair, wife plays Fantasy Football, yard work, painting, visit Germany, Polish wedding, wife becomes Broncos fan, wife’s first Thanksgiving in America, christmas trees, painting, first visit from Germany, build a wall, second visit from Germany, and the present.  You get the gist.  Pretty much everyone of those comes with a story though, so you’ll get the lowdown later.  But finally……..

Where……..where o where has my blogger gone, where o where could he be?  That’s the big mystery, isn’t it?  Where did we move to?  I didn’t actually set out to make it some big secret.  Creating drama to make the blog more interesting, leaving the whole world to wonder where we live.  Yeah, I wish the whole world read my blog. No, the real reason is plain ol paranoia.  I am a paranoid freak.  I don’t know what I thought would happen.  Well, besides all my crazy stalker fans finding me.  But it’s not like I would be giving out my address or anything.  Well here it goes, the big reveal, drumroll please………….(I am such a nerd)………………..we now live in the sprawling metropolis they call Boise, Idaho.  Yep, you heard it.  I…..da……ho! (that’s for you Carsten)  I actually have lot to say on that as well, and that’s why we will be saving that for it’s own post as well.

So, to sum it all up, I am back.  I apologize for having abandoned my loyal reader (and crazy stalkers), but let’s put that behind us and move on as friends.  We are friends, right?

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