Christmas Vacation Day 5: Hospital Visits and Sweats on the Couch

My goal of blogging everyday during our Christmas vacation is becoming exactly as hard as I thought it would be. Part of that is finding the time to blog, but part of it is also having something to write about. Not that we’re not doing anything, but that I’m not sure how often I can tell you about how heavenly my breakfast of Maasdamer cheese and Schwarzwälderschinken was before you get bored. Maybe we’ll do it like this…..

Breakfast: No change, still totally awesome!
Coffee and German crossword puzzle: Check, still totally awesome!

So then, what did we do today that isn’t part of the standard program of awesomeness? First up was a visit to the Mutterhaus hospital to see my brother-in-law, which just so happens to be the same hospital where our son was born. My sister-in-law was already there, doing an excellent job at fulfilling her spousal duties of being bored to death in solidarity. It was tempting to make fun of the way he looked with the bandage on his nose, but I know it had to suck to not be able to breathe or smell right so I kept the wisecracks to myself. I did take the opportunity to snag a couple of pictures of the rooftops of Trier, though. The view from the 7th floor was pretty nice.


Part way through the visit my father-in-law set out on foot for his office Christmas party, and we took off a little later to clear way for the doctor to remove the bandages. The poor guy still has to spend one more day for Observation, but that little adventure is almost over.

As for us, we were off to “Grandma-in-law’s” for Abendbrot. What is that you ask? Well literally translated it means evening bread and it is basically the same as a German breakfast but in the evening, which is a common way to have dinner. And wouldn’t you know it, they had Maasdamer and Schwarzwälderschinken! What isn’t common though is the homemade Apfelstreusel* we had for dessert. Mmm-m-mm-mm-mmmmm! Then it was time for some coffee and some more “Tech Support” and coffee.

Back at the house early, my sister-in-law came by for a nice, relaxed evening of TV and sweats on the couch. That is one of the big advantages of coming for a whole month, lots of time for some normalcy. And that is exactly what we had, one very relaxing and incredibly normal evening of chilling on the couch. Bis zum nächsten mal, Tschüß!

Apfelstreusel = Apple Strudel
Maasdamer = Type of Dutch cheese
Schwarzwälderschinken = Smoked, thin sliced ham

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