Christmas Vacation Day 6: Shopping and the Little Lord

So, so. Our sixth full day in Germany must mean I’ll be starting the day the same as all of the others with Maasdamer and Schwarzwälderschinken, right? Wrong! Just when you thought I might be starting to get a little mundane, I went and mixed it up just to keep you guessing. This morning I had……….wait for it………..Zwiebelmettwurst, Maasdamer, and Schwarzwälderschinken. Now that’s what you call living on the edge! For those of you that don’t know, Mettwurst is a smoked, spreadable wurst with a consistency similar to Liverwurst or Pate. And Zwiebel is the German word for onion, which is added to give it a little kick. You should have seen my face though, the first time my wife got set that on the table for me to sample. I am actually not a big fan of onions, nor of trying new foods, which was a perfect fit for the whole time we lived in Germany. I am glad she pushed me to try it out though, because Zwiebelmettwurst is now one of my favorites. It’s amazing what happens when we allow ourselves to be pushed out of our comfort zones.

After yet another herrlich* breakfast it was time to get some Christmas shopping accomplished, so the little guy and I set off to give mom some peace and quiet. Alleen Center, Galleria Kofhof, and the Gallery mall were all on the agenda. I’m not telling you what was on the list though, as some of the gifts are for some people who are receiving this very post in their email! Now I am not the biggest fan of shopping, but I am definitely a fan of gifting. Well, when I have a good idea. I have found that every year I am more and more excited to watch people open the presents I give them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate getting presents in the slightest. But the pleasure I receive from giving is just better. we left this trip empty handed, but that was the plan for most of the list anyway. I like to see some things in person before buying them, but I am also a fan of finding a good deal.

Done with our shopping, we ran back to the house to pick up my wife and head to my sister-in-law’s for an afternoon visit. I can’t believe it took us six days to make it there. I guess we must have been waiting to make seeing their new couch and fridge worth the wait, lol. We didn’t stay long as we had important plans to get to, and still managed to leave late. It’s funny how a vacation to see family and friends means being perpetually late, but it is incredibly difficult to wedge yourself out of people’s houses that you have missed so much.

Back at the house again, and late, it was time for the biggest appointment of the day. There is a film that my father-in-law watches every year at Christmas called Der Kleine Lord (The Little Lord Fauntleroy), so this year we decided to make it a family event. If you haven’t ever seen it it is definitely worth a look, especially if you like family movies with a good message or the child actor version of Ricky Schroeder.

Herrlich = Wonderful9

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