Christmas Vacation Days 9 & 10: Too Sick to Enjoy

Christmas Vacation Day 9: The Creepy-Crawlies

Today I felt horrible. My stomach was upset, I had that creepy-crawly skin like when you have the flu, and a bit of the shivers. And before you ask…, it had nothing to do with how much beer was drank while watching football last night!

I toughed it out though and we still went to my Grandma-in-law’s for coffee and Marmorkuchen*. I can’t say I was the best company as I hung there with the face of a subject of King Henry VIII awaiting beheading, or the occasional laying of my head on crossed arms like a grade school class that just got in trouble. The important part was that my wife and son got to spend time though, so I was happy to suck it up.

Once we got back to the house for a nice family evening with the usual group I started to feel a little better though. Lucky for me too, since Döner was once again on the menu for the evening. We don’t normally eat so much Döner, or any kind of fast food for that matter, but it also isn’t normal for us to be in Germany these day either. Once we made it to bed I started to get the shivers and creepy-crawlies again, but was as nice of a day as it could have been considering how I felt. But then again, the best days are the ones spent with friends and/or family doing not much of anything at all.


Christmas Vacation Day 10: The Bug Goes On

So, I felt great the next day but I can’t say as much for my wife and son, and especially the little guy. The original plan for the day was to meet my wife’s best friend and her husband/family for the last evening of the Weihnachtsmarkt, but that wasn’t looking good. Lots of couch time was the first priority for the little one, and lots of finger crossing that only lasts a day for both of them like it did for me.

Apparently the Christmas market wasn’t in the cards though, as he still didn’t feel good by evening and my wife still wasn’t at the top of her game. Even feeling a little cruddy can have its hidden benefits though. Spending a day doing absolutely nothing but crossword puzzles, laundry, and visiting with family was incredibly nice.  I did seize the opportunity part way through the day to run downtown and get some almost last minute Christmas shopping done. With another nice day behind us, we went to bed full of hope that everyone was feeling up to par the next day, Christmas is right around the corner after all. Bis zum nächsten mal!



Marmorkuchen = Marble Cake

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