Christmas Vacation: First Day Back Is Flat

Man am I tired today, and I mean wrecked tired. We finally got in bed around 2am last night and I was absolutely lights out until the alarm went off at 9. I felt pretty good this morning, and I even had time for coffee and a crossword before going to work today. That was not by choice, but let me start from the beginning of my mini saga.

The first wrinkle in my day was when I realized I hadn’t trimmed my vacation beard off before getting in the shower to make shaving possible. But that’s ok, I guess if I was out of it enough to wash twice I might as well dry off twice, right? The next ball of fun was when I tried to start my wife’s car with no luck, battery dead. Now normally I would jump start it with my pick-up, but that was not possible. The pick-up did in fact start, but to allow the cat sitter access to the back garage door it had to be parked sideways in the garage and I was clever enough to park the back end next to the other car. The pick-up wasn’t going anywhere anyway thanks to one of the tires being 90% flat.

After arranging for roadside assistance to get a jump start I sat down with a cup of coffee and the aforementioned German crossword puzzle. The counter-productive part of that though was that almost 30 minutes had passed before I realized that I had not yet received confirmation that someone was on the way to help. One phone call confirmed that the app had apparently not worked right and that nobody was on the way, but that it would now be taken care of. This time I got confirmation within five minutes, except they wouldn’t be there for an hour and a half. Uuuuuuugggggghhhhhh. That was made even better by the text 20 minutes later that it would take an additional 30 minutes. This is when I realized that this just wasn’t my day. It just kept getting better when I finally went out to meet the jump-start guy and noticed that my pick-up was no longer running. The weird part is that it now also had a dead battery. But to top it off the guy who came to help could not help because he didn’t have anything with him big enough to jump start a diesel. Perfect, just perfect.

Football and the couch are just what I need today

The rest of my day was much less tragic, with just an gradually increasing level of exhaustion eventually setting in. The few hours I spent at work were likely some of the least efficient ever, but I got my e-mail cleaned out and a few other things done so I am ready to rock a full day tomorrow. Then a haircut and some grocery shopping were on the agenda before heading home. What I found when I got there was pretty amazing though. My wife had cleaned the entire house. Literally, the whole thing. I don’t know where she got the energy for that, that is absolutely amazing. I barely had enough energy to get through the day. I did help her finish a few things, but not enough to try to take any credit for. But now my exhaustion has peaked, jet lag is setting in, and I have taken up residence on the couch. At least the College Football National Championship game is on so I have some entertainment. That will be especially good when I fall asleep pretty soon, lol. Heck of a first day back, at least it was interesting. Did I mention that I am tired? Bis zum nächsten mal!

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