Unpause, Break’s Over!

Yeah, I know, I took another long break. But I had a good reason, I swear! What had happened was….

…actually life happened. We just got plain busy with house projects and work, you know…..life. Not to mention that I am continuing my education, did I not mention that before? No? Well now you know at least. I am a working professional who is also constantly in pursuit of more and higher degrees. Anyway, my point is that life and all that it entails got in the way yet again and caused me to take a lengthy break from blogging. For that I would normally apologize, but at this point I would guess that you, dear reader, have likely come to expect it. Or at least are no longer surprised by it. Instead maybe we will say that another streak of blogging has begun, and then it will be more interesting to find out how long it lasts. Then we can call it serial blogging, or streak blogging, or sporadic blogging maybe. What do you think? I like streaker the best, but just because it’s funny. So to paraphrase some guy who’s name I can’t remember……round and round we go, where we’ll stop nobody knows. The streaker is back!

Tell me what you think

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