My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish

The Weihnachtsmann is coming to town, did you know that?  That’s what my (just turned) 4-year-old told me the other day.  Well, sang to me.  After I explained to him that Christmas is over and Santa Claus isn’t coming for 11 more months, a thought hit me (while he continued singing Christmas songs anyway).  I taught him … More My (un)Scientific Study of a 4-Year-Old’s Denglish

Decisions, Decisions

It was about 4 years ago when my wife and I started talking about how we were going to raise our son with both German and English.  Deciding the best way to do this was a difficult proposition, especially since we didn’t even know what and how many different ways there are to do such a thing. … More Decisions, Decisions