Pick a name, any name!

Picking a name for a “baby on the way” is a job.  A fun job, but a job just the same. You buy books, you make lists, you take suggestions, you make suggestions, you veto suggestions, you pray for hours that you will finally have an epiphany or a name will drop from the heavens!

We had a lot of laughs, but this was actually one of the most daunting tasks that came with having a baby. A name is for life, man. You don’t want to screw this up.  The right name demands respect, the wrong one invites ridicule.  And you don’t want your kid hating you for life becuase you named him (insert insulting name here).

For us, we had the added little wrinkle of having to pick a name to work in two different languages.  First there are all the names that are pronounced totally different depending on the language.  Then there are names that the gender changes with the language.  You would be surprised at how many ways you can imagine a name getting butchered, and I don’t want to know how many ways there are that we couldn’t think of.

So, after we ruled out Ferdinand, Igor, and Gustav, we finally picked a name. Hopefully a good one. One that he likes when he is 30. And 15. And 50. We’ll see. If not, I guess he’ll just have to be mad at us until he has to pick a name!

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