By The Numbers (Moving Update #3)

3 days, 6 movers, 11 crates, 342 packages, and 12,647 pounds.  That’s what it takes to pack up our worldly possessions for their nice little trip to America.  Toys, office supplies, dishes, pots, pans, TVs, couches, chairs, clothes, towels, beds, and so on and so on.  And all of it packed tetris style into those … More By The Numbers (Moving Update #3)

Green Card Update!

We are almost done!  After deciphering the pages and pages of utterly confusing forms and corresponding directions, and still getting it wrong, we have received the notification for my wife’s appointment at the Frankfurt Consulate. I was beginning to think this day was never going to get here!  I don’t think I have ever applied … More Green Card Update!