Green Card Update!


We are almost done!  After deciphering the pages and pages of utterly confusing forms and corresponding directions, and still getting it wrong, we have received the notification for my wife’s appointment at the Frankfurt Consulate.


I was beginning to think this day was never going to get here!  I don’t think I have ever applied for anything that takes so long, it feels like it’s been a year since we sent the first package in.  I will tell you though, they could make their directions a little clearer.  I understand that they have a lot of different situations to address, but damn.  At one point I seriously doubted my ability to understand what I read.  And like I said, I got it wrong.  I read that thing like ten times though, and could still swear it said that W-2’s are optional.  Who knows.  Apparently they got them, because we got the appointment.

What was actually kind of funny was the attached “Security Notice” here:

No guns, no knives, and NO PACKAGES!
No guns, no knives, and NO PACKAGES!

I love how they break down the process so intricately, even though it is just like going through airport security.  They even tell you that it is just like the airport, but apparently some people “find it intrusive and unpleasant.”  can you believe it?  Some people don’t like going through security!  Man, that’s my favorite pastime behind eating turkey.  I buy entire plane tickets just so I can get groped buy some random dude (it’s actually cheaper than getting arrested, but you get groped either way!).  While it’s comforting to know that they don’t allow guns and knives, it is going to be grade-A boring without any electronics though.  What the hell am I supposed to do for 2 hours?  Laaaaaaaangweeeeeeiiiiiillllliiiiiggg! (Langweilig, a.k.a. boring) It’s so 1999!  The very worst part however, is that they don’t allow packages.  I was going to go the post office when we got done…..

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