A sad day for society

I was going to write a post about Christmas, German &American traditions, how we combine them in our family, etc.  I feel compelled though, to comment on the recent school shooting in Connecticut instead.  Not because I think I have the solution to such problems, or because I think what I have to say will be somehow uniquely insightful.  I write about it because I have rarely been so appalled and disgusted.

I don’t understand all of these random shootings.  Not for a second.  Some dude runs into a mall in Portland and shoots a bunch of innocent, unsuspecting people.  Unbelievable.  Inconcievable.  Horrible.  But as horrible as that or any other shooting is, some idiot has stooped even lower and shot up a grade school.  A GRADE SCHOOL!  A place full of innocent little kids who haven’t even had the chance to do anything bad in their life.  Now they never will.  There are absolutely no words to describe how horrible that is.

Think about this.  They seperate child molestors from the general population in prisons for their protection.  Why?  Because even most of the most hardened criminals know the same thing that all of us normal people know.  Children are sacred.  You don’t mess with them.  Period.  It’s just not right.  As bad as so many other crimes in the world are, most all pale in comparison to atrocities committed against children.

Every time I hear about one of these shootings, I am a little more sad for the world.  But this school shooting made me lose some of my faith in society.  You just do not mess with kids. Ever.

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