Time Travel Failure (a.k.a. This blog is not dead)

You can see how well my time travel plan worked as evidenced by the multitude of posts since then.  Ha ha.  I am here to tell you though, contrary to all speculation and news reports, that Germerican Denglish is NOT dead.  Well, maybe there weren’t any news reports. But I am guessing some of my faithful followers were wondering if I had in fact disappeared from the face of the planet. And the sad truth is that some not-so-faithful followers jumped ship. But hey, that’s life. So for those of you that are still here, thank you.


Why did I drop out of sight you ask? As you may know we moved back to the States in January, and that’s right around when my posts stopped. I had planned to blog throughout the whole move, which in hindsight was a much loftier goal than I realized at the time. But that is not the first, or last, time I have underestimated a situation. Moving is crazy, and the absolute busiest I have ever been. That though is not the reason I neglected to keep you posted, fine reader. Apparently the one thing that can take up more of your time than moving, is moving and buying a house. That’s right, we bought a house. An odd move for a vagabond family you say? That may be. But we were tired of living in someone else’s house. Now don’t get me wrong, our landlord was awesome and allowed us to do most everything we asked. The chance to have total freedom was too tempting though, so we took it. Freedom comes with a price though, and that price is time. Not only are we getting everything arranged, but we are also redoing things to suit our preference and style. I knew we were taking a lot on, but it amazes me how much time every little project takes. And the time for the bigger ones seems to grow exponentially. The details of those projects I wil save for their very own posts though, or this one would take you days to read.

So, I think I have a pretty good reason for taking an unplanned break from blogging. But I am back now, to regale you with tales of a Germerican families adjustment to life in the States. At least that’s the plan!

3 thoughts on “Time Travel Failure (a.k.a. This blog is not dead)

  1. Good luck with the plan! Nice to have you back! And I think this is a perfectly valid excuse for taking a little break! 🙂 Heading to Germany myself today – can’t WAIT!

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