I Have Just Invented Time Travel

I am going to go back in time.  Not far mind you, just back to the beginning of January.  It’s really the only way I can try to make up for deviating from my plan.  It was a good plan, and a simple one.  Simple plans are the best kind after all, and with the least chance for failure.  Wanna know what that plan was?  Here you go.

Blog steadily through the whole move, and often.  

That was it.  I told you it was simple.  But I guess simple plans aren’t always so simple to follow.  It’s nobody’s fault though, except mine maybe.  The problem was one minor miscalculation.  Time.  Or rather, a major lack of it.  I knew things would be busy, but I still underestimated how busy it would actually be.  I still blogged mind you, I just wasn’t able to finish most of them.  And the ones that are finished haven’t been proof read.

This is where the time travel comes in.  I am going to finish all those posts you see, then jump back in time to the appropriate day to publish them.  Cool, huh?  To all of the mere mortals of the world it will look a lot like a bunch of blog posts in a short span of time.  But you need only look to the published date for proof that I have, in fact, invented time travel.  See ya!


4 thoughts on “I Have Just Invented Time Travel

  1. How about downloading them from the inetrnet? Google Reader has a huge amount of interesting books and you can search them by name or category. Good luck!

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