Women’s World Cup 2015

I know I just got back, but I realized today that we are deep into the Women’s World Cup and I haven’t written a thing about it.  Well we are going to correct that error right here and now.

For those of you that haven’t been following it, the 2015 Women’s World Cup is currently taking place in Canada. At our house, we are quite pleased that both the United States Women’s National Team and DFB Frauen* are participating. And more than just participating, they are both in the Quarterfinals.  Germany got there by blowing away most of their competition, with the exception of a tie with Norway.  The US on the other hand made a little more interesting and stressful, but won as many games as Germany.

On the German team, my wife and I share a favorite player in Anja Mittag.  For the US team it is a little more divisive as my wife is a Sydney Leroux fan, while I started following Alex Morgan somewhere between the last World Cup and when she started playing for the Portland Thorns.  The whole house, though, is a fan of Ali Krieger.

Photo credit: http://www.gettyimages.com/ http://www.alikrieger.com/

Not only for her last name, her Liebe* tattoo, that she played for 1. FFC Frankfurt, or that she calls Germany her 2nd home(my favorite part), but more importantly for how hard she plays.

What do you think of Women’s Soccer?  Have you been watching the tournament?

*DFB Frauen = German Women’s National Team

*Liebe = Love

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