USA vs Germany, a House Divided!

On Tuesday, 30 June 2015, war will be declared!  I’m talking all out, pull no punches kind of war.  Bring people to their knees war.  What horrible thing could have occurred to cause such a drastic measure?  Nothing bad at all actually.  In fact, it’s actually the second greatest thing that could happen in this situation.  What situation do I speak of?  The 2015 Women’s World Cup naturally.


Yes, sir, indeedy.  The United States of America and die Bundesrepublik Deutschland* will play each other in the World Cup Semi-finals, and that has all the makings of an exciting day at our house.  My wife is naturally rooting for Germany, and I am of course rooting for Team USA.  Anybody who knows me, though, knows that it is not always so easy for me when it comes to soccer and the USA.  You see, I learned about and developed my love of soccer in Germany, and in so doing am a huge fan of Deutscher Fußball*.  As it also naturally follows, my favorite soccer player on the planet then is German National Team & Bayern München player Bastian Schweinsteiger.  So you can see how I have a bit of a dilemma when the US plays Germany, as happened last year during the men’s World Cup.  It’s not like I don’t have a favorite player on the US Men’s National Team, because I do.  But wouldn’t you know it, he is German born Germerican Jermaine Jones who grew up in Germany and played most of his club career with the Bundesliga‘s FC Schalke 04.  I still rooted for the USA last year, but only half-heartedly as I found it incredibly hard to root against die Mannschaft*. My wife would remind me that I rooted adamantly for the USA to beat Germany in their recent friendly in Köln, but that doesn’t count.  Since it was a friendly, there was nothing on the line for Germany, and the US could only improve it’s confidence and reputation.  Tomorrow though, there is a lot on the line.  This is the World Cup after all, and if one of the two win this year they will alone lead the world in championships.  For Germany is would mean even more, as it would be the first time in history that both a men’s and women’s team held the championship at the same time.  To place yet more importance on tomorrow’s game, in all 3 previous World Cup meetings between the two the winner has gone on to win the whole shebang.

So tomorrow it is on like Donkey Kong!  And if my wife, or anybody else for that matter, doubts the USA will win, I would remind you of the USofA’s German trained & German speaking secret weapon, ALI KRIEGER!  GAME ON!


* Bundesrepublik Deutschland = Federal Republic of Germany

*Deutscher Fußball = German Soccer

*die Mannschaft = team (and the worldwide nickname for the German National Team)

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