Funny Sh*t My Wife Says #2 (The One About Sexting)

*****SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Season 1 of True Detective, STOP HERE!  Unless of course you don’t care, then keep on reading.*****

My wife and I watched the first season of True Detective recently.  Well part way through the season there is an episode where Woody Harrelson‘s character conspicuously washes his own clothes.  Now, for those of us totally modern husbands who split the housework absolutely right down the middle, this is totally normal.  But this show is set in a time when men weren’t quite as evolved, and this therefore raised suspicion.

So his wife (played by Michelle Monaghan), being the curious creature that women are snagged his cell phone to give it the once over. How is she rewarded for her excellent detective skills? Well she finds pictures of a naked woman, of course.

Apparently Woody Harrelson invented sexting!
Apparently Woody Harrelson invented sexting!

It’s at this point my wife turns to me and says:

“If you were too stupid to not even TRY to hide your affair, I wouldn’t want to be with you in the first place!”

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