Lunch Stop for Peaches


Leg two of our trip has landed us in the capital of the peach state, otherwise known as Atlanta, Georgia.

First observation: must be warm here, people aren’t wearing coats.

Second Observation: I…am…..STARVING!

Here is a shocking revelation you’ve never heard before in your life,  pretzels and peanuts just don’t cut it. Once we got to our departure terminal though,  we headed straight to the food court. They had a nice looking Asian restaurant and I was definitely in the mood,  but it’s just my luck that they didn’t have anything I wanted. Fortunately there was a burger joint called The Varsity right next it, because it’s never a bad time for a hamburger.


It didn’t take long though before our area turned into the German area and we were quickly surrounded by my wife’s countrymen. Shortly after the first “Nein!” came from the table next to us,  my son asked me why they were speaking German. After I explained to him that our plane would probably be full of Germans he said: “Yeah, and one American, because your not German Daddy!” Excellent observation my son, lol.
So now, here we sit, anxiously waiting for them to start boarding the plane, in America yet eerily surrounded by the sounds of German. Bis morgen, Frankfurt here we come!

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