Hello Germany!

We are here! In Germany!! Finally!!! It feels like an eternity since we were here last, so I apologize if I sound like a total noob. I don’t totally understand it myself. I mean, I understand why I’m excited. But this is weird, different. One thing is for sure though, the longer we are gone the more I realize how much I love Germany.
Oh how quickly the excitement is dampered by the Passkontrolle sign though. Of course,  if I was really cool I would be a citizen of the EU and then we could all go through the…..wait, we get to go through the EU Burger line.


Cool! We just skipped a reeeeeaaaaaally long line.
(Brief Pause)
So, baggage gathered and straight through customs without being stopped (Which is really unfortunate,  because I always wanted to be on that show Mein Revier). Free upgraded rental car (Probably because of my awesome German). And we’re off to Trier. Bis später!

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