Abflug (Departure)

Well, we made it to Frankfurt safely. It was incredibly hard to tear ourselves away and drive off, but we managed it eventually. We came alone this time though, no need for my pregnant sister-in-law to sit in a car for four hours when we can say goodbye in Trier. She and my brother-in-law still came to see us off though. I’m not sure which way is better though. The goodbye itself was easier for me in Trier, but probably because it was dark and hard to see all the crying. There is something to be said for stretching it to the last minute though. Either way, leaving never is and never will be easy.

We left a little later than planned, but that’s no problem when you’re driving on the Autobahn. That doesn’t matter if the roads are icy or the weather is bad, but we didn’t have either of those problems. And before my sister-in-law gets on my case for driving fast, this is for you Butthead: I told you I would drive safe, not slow. 😉

Pit stop to fuel up the rental car……


……before arriving at the airport.

One at the airport it was time for the routine we know so well. Check the bags, through Zoll*, through security, and board the plane. Of course, we did score the faster Zoll line, thanks to the lady who saw my wife’s passport and sent us through the line for citizens.

So, Germany, we will miss you and especially our friends and family. Auf Wiedersehen!


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