Back in Boise

Well, we’ve been back in Boise for a little over two weeks now and as always it is a dual edge sword that cuts both ways. Whether you are on vacation or visiting family it is always nice to come home. That has absolutely nothing to do with location though, it’s just about having your stuff. Now don’t get me wrong I love staying with my father-in-law and am very comfortable there, but everybody knows and most agree that it doesn’t matter where you are staying there’s just something about coming home to your own stuff. Your house, your couch, your TV, your bed, your yard, your car……your stuff

On the other side of that sword though is the family and friends we had to say goodbye to again, which no amount of stuff could ever make up for. That part never gets any easier. To make this departure even more difficult though we also had to say goodbye to our 4 month old nephew (& cousin), who was a main motivator for this trip. My wife and I definitely stole more than our fair share of quality time to make up for the distance and separation, but man was it hard to give him that last “baby five” at airport security. We miss you little guy, something fierce.

Paris from the air

It was a good visit though with tons of family time as was our plan. We did take a couple of evenings to hang out with friends, but mainly family. In fact the only daytime exception to that was one afternoon/evening with our son’s best friend and her parents (which wasn’t really an exception since my sister-in-law and our nephew came along as well so we could steal more time, lol). I wish there had been more time for our two families to spend together since they are  our favorite “non-family” family in the world, but the semi-spontaneous nature of this trip’s planning meant that they were also on vacation for the first part of ours. We miss you guys like crazy as well.

It may look like the route of this airport terminal-to-terminal is simple, but in reality it is more like a Kid’s maze!

The return travel went well though except for the monster lines at customs in Seattle which was so bad we had to wait in the hallway for at least 30 minutes before we could even get into the neverending snake line in the actual customs facility. I feel bad for all of the foreigners who had to stay in that hallway and watch all of us U.S. Residents get sent downstairs ahead of them. They may still be stuck there! I do have to say that layovers longer than 2 hours are really starting to drive me crazy. The time required to actually fly somewhere is what it is, but I am getting really tired staring at some part of some airport when I would rather be in Trier or Boise. Even Freecell gets annoying after awhile. 

Thankfully my sweet wife bought me a Bild before we left. I have always found Croswell puzzles effective at building vocabulary

But back we are, enjoying one edge of that sword but feeling the pain from the other. 

–Question of the day: Are people more comfortable at home because it’s stuff they picked out themselves, or because it’s stuff they live with day to day?

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