Cars Are People Too!

December 10th, 2013

I sold my car the other day, and it sucks! I loved my car. Loved, loved, loved my car! For nine beautiful years I owned the coolest little coupe in the world, and it was a part of me. If you don’t believe that, think for a minute what a car goes through with you. It moved to Germany with me, it took me for my first Autobahn drive over 200 KMH, it took me to my first date with my wife, it took me to our wedding and took us both away, it took us to Venice for our honeymoon, it took us all over Germany playing tourist, and it took me faithfully back and forth to work for years (while only going on strike a few times). Had we not opted to get my wife a “family” car it would have taken our son home from the hospital, but unfortunately its “coupe-ness” would not have been very practical for that. You see what I mean though? Cars become part of your life.


Now granted, I may get more attached than some, but I am one of those people who ties a certain part of my identity to my car.  Not my self worth mind you, my identity.  For me it isn’t about how fancy of a car you drive, but the kind of car you drive.  And the kind of car you drive says a lot about the kind of person you are. Even the people for who a car is merely a mode of transportation are revealed in their practical choice of automobile. I will never understand those people though.

So considering all of that, you can see why it was very difficult for me to sell my car.  Why did I sell my car then?  Financial logic.  Booooo!  I actually fought it for a long time, trying to come up with some kind of plan that would make more sense to keep it.  But in the end, the cost of shipping it to the states when compared to it’s value, plus impending maintenance issues, didn’t add up.

It is amazing how attached people get to cars though, isn’t it? My wife loved it so much that she even cried when it drove off with a smiling new owner at the wheel, and it wasn’t even her car.  I didn’t cry though, I am too tough for that. Hey, can somebody explain to me what this funny feeling is and why vision is all blurry?

This post was actually written in December 2013, so in an effort to catch up with unfinished/unreleased posts in my “Time Travel Series” and not change its meaning this post is being published with its original date.

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