Mailmen Cause Identity Theft (Green Card Update #3)

My wife’s VISA is here already!  It actually got here on Friday, but I haven’t had the time to post an update.  Two days is pretty fast though, especially when they said a week or two.  That being said I do have a f aux pah of epic proportions to report.  It is something that totally blew my mind, and destroyed my trust in the German mail system.  Something that I am also pretty sure the American Embassy wouldn’t be too happy with.  What is this dastardly deed you ask?  Well…….


the mailman left my wife’s VISA and accompanying documents leaned against the front door!

Can you believe it?  For those of you that don’t know, a VISA is a “stamp” in your passport.  It’s actually pretty big, and also really nice and fancy looking.  But to enter the country you need more than just your VISA, you also need the accompanying documents.  And these aren’t just any documents either.  We’re talking birth certificates, marriage certificates, life history, personal information about family member’s.  Those “additional documents” are pretty much everything someone needs to steal an identity.  And the dude just left it leaned against the front door!  Forget about the fact that there was a mailbox he could have put it in, this was a package that had to be signed for.  Maybe there was a reason for that?  Does he think people randomly pay 10 Euro for an envelope of documents to be leaned on the door?   I must have been bored and had too much money in my wallet that day.  “I just can’t find room for all this money!  What should I do?  I know!  I will waste on excess postage!”  On top of potential identity theft, do you know how many of our plans would be derailed if her VISA was lost?  And all of those documents were originals.  We would have been done for.  Thanks for playing.  Back to the start!

So, there is my rant for the day.  I feel better now.  I guess I won’t go postal on the postman!

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