Matinee In Minneapolis

We almost went the whole trip home without incident, almost. That is until the little guy threw up shortly after we landed in Minneapolis. After some rest in a quiet corner of the airport he perked up though, so I don’t think he’s sick. That was the extent of the excitement here though. Other than … More Matinee In Minneapolis

Motor City Pit Stop

After two Bitburgers, four movies, and a few hours of intermittent sleep we finally arrived in Detroit, Michigan for our first stop of the day. Other than the ceiling panel that fell out of place when we landed it was a pretty uneventful flight. With the new automated machines they use for Border Patrol we … More Motor City Pit Stop

Abflug (Departure)

Well, we made it to Frankfurt safely. It was incredibly hard to tear ourselves away and drive off, but we managed it eventually. We came alone this time though, no need for my pregnant sister-in-law to sit in a car for four hours when we can say goodbye in Trier. She and my brother-in-law still … More Abflug (Departure)

Frankfurt Bound

So, we are headed to Frankfurt this morning to fly home, sadly. It has been a wonderful and worthwhile trip. I will finish filing you in on the happenings of each day as I get time, but today I’ll be blogging the trip “live” as I did on the way here. Bis nachher. 😦

Christmas Vacation Day 13: Erste Weihnachtstag (First Christmas Day)

The great thing about being a multi-national family is that we have twice as much culture and twice as many traditions, and out of that we create our own new culture and tradition. Whether or not that is an advantage for little Germericans, I am not sure. On the one hand, he gets to open … More Christmas Vacation Day 13: Erste Weihnachtstag (First Christmas Day)

Christmas Vacation Day 12: Heiligabend (Christmas Eve)

German kids must grow up with 10 times the patience as American kids, and it’s all thanks to the difference in Christmas celebrations. The vast majority of kids in America go to bed on Christmas Eve knowing that as soon as they get up in the morning they can open their presents. German children on … More Christmas Vacation Day 12: Heiligabend (Christmas Eve)